Jon Bare & the Killer Whales
Live Shows
The 9-piece Orcastra is too large to fit in a single frame (sorry, Ruben).
NoHo Arts Festival, June 2001
Major Gigs:
10th Annual Blues Fest - June 16, 2002

The Killer Whales headlined at the 10th Annual Blues Fest in beautiful Brentwood, Ca. This annual event is held outdoors in Veteran's Park and amounts to a giant party with an enormous P.A. system and some great bands. The Killer Whales hit the stage with long-time member Chet McCracken (Doobie Brothers) on drums and long-time friend Greg Kage (Canned Heat) on bass. Joining the power trio was Tommy Tequila (The Generators) on guitar and Ruben Valtierra (Weird Al Yankovic) on keys. What a band!
Malibu Arts Festival - July 29, 2001

The Killer Whales rocked 'em again at the Malibu Arts Festival in beautiful Malibu, Ca. With a 7-piece line-up including a 3-piece horn section, the Killer Whales were easily the most impressive thing on that stage that day.
NoHo Arts Festival - June 17, 2001

The Killer Whales let loose again at the NoHo Arts Festival in North Hollywood, Ca. With a 9-piece line-up including a 3-piece horn section, the Killer Whales blasted the audience with music from their blow-holes.
The Gatsby Manor in Culver City

The Killer Whales assembled again at the annual Summer Solstice party at a secret location in Beautiful Culver City, Ca. Playing his Strat through a unique 3-channel stereo amp configuration, Jon created a massive stereo sound with the aid of his amazing Roland VG-8 guitar device, and a good ol' Fender Deville amp.
The band is available for future gigs and rumor has it that the pod will re-assemble around Halloween at that same secret location.