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"Jon Bare's recordings sound every bit as good as
those made at major studios."
                                        Bill Hartew, Producer—KLOS 95.5 FM Los Angeles
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Recording The Electric Guitar is a combination CD and book designed for recording guitarists and those who want to capture a great sound on tape (or whatever medium).

It is part of the Playback Platinum Series of CD's and books Published by Music Maker Publications, who also publish Recording Magazine. The magazine is currently running a full-page spread advertising the CD/book.

In the July, 2001 issue of the magazine there was an article on multiple miking techniques, taken from chapter 4 of the book. The focus of the July issue was on guitars -- so the timing was excellent.

Containing nearly 200 audio examples and other musical tidbits, along with a full-length voice over by the author explaining what you are hearing and why it is important, the CD is a treasure trove of information about recording.

Packaged with the CD is an accompanying book which does not duplicate the information on the CD -- rather, it expands upon it. The book contains numerous pictures and photographs so you can see examples of what you are listening to.

Designed for the educational market, this book and CD provides excellent curricular material for recording schools and workshops worldwide. Anyone who puts a mic on a guitar amp and presses Record should read this book.

That includes every guitarist who has a little home studio and wants to get a decent sound on tape or disc. Which brings up the question -- isn't there a guitarist on your holiday shopping list?
"Jon Bare writes something — I can't wait to
read it! I always learn something from him."
Chet McCracken, former drummer—The Doobie Brothers.
What's on the CD:
25 tracks—More than one hour
of musical examples and
instructional voiceover

01 Introduction
02 Tone Criteria
03 Personal Preferences
04 Guitar Choices
05 Two Guitar Examples
06 Pickup Choices
07 Ten Pickup Examples
08 Pickup Solutions
09 Amplifier Choices
10 My Hot Rod Deville
11 AX2 from Line 6
12 Mic Choices
13 Miking from the A Spot
14 Miking from the B Spot
15 Other Miking Examples
16 Multiple mics
17 Effects
18 Fuzzbox Examples
19 Other Effects
20 EQ—on the Amp
21 EQ—on the Board
22 Tricks and Tips
23 Doublings on “Orcarstra”
24 Amp Simulators
25 Closing
What's in the book:
Introduction—It's All About Tone
Chapter 1 - Guitars
     The History—Types of Guitars
     Tonal Factors
     Strings—Stringing the Guitar
     Tuning the Guitar—Pickups—Tone Controls
Chapter 2 - Guitar Amplifiers
     Speakers—Other Amp Options
Chapter 3 - Microphones
     Microphone Types
     Design Factors, Polar Patterns
Chapter 4 - Multiple Mic Configurations
     Setup for Shredzilla—Setup for Orcastra
     Staying in Phase—Standard Configurations
     More Multiple Mic Options
Chapter 5 - Effects Devices
     Types of Effects—Effects in Use
Chapter 6 - Equalization
     Types of Equalization—How to apply eq
Chapter 7 - Tricks and Techniques
     Dynamic Processing—Other Sonic Tricks
Chapter 8 - Guitar Amp Simulators
Chapter 9 - Life in the Studio
Epilog: Final Words of Inspiration
Audio Cues on CD - a Detailed Listing
About The Author
Author's Postscript and Credits
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