Mega Truth Records is an independent record label devoted to capturing the world’s best musicians playing music that makes you feel good.
Current Releases:

Artist:                          Album Title:          Available at:
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Jon Bare                       Orcastra                    CD's:, Amazon, etc.

Jon Bare                       Shredzilla                 CD's:, Amazon, etc.

Jon Bare                       Killer Whales            CD's:, Amazon, etc.

Hula Monsters               Party Platter              CD's:, Amazon, etc.

Jon Bare                       Follow Your Heart     Cassettes: $10.00+$2.00 shipping

Jon Bare                       Moonman                 Cassettes: $10.00+$2.00 shipping

Techno Dudes               Illegal Characters      Cassettes: $10.00+$2.00 shipping
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