P.O. Box 4988
Culver City,  CA  90231  USA
Mega Truth Records is an independent record label devoted to capturing the world’s best musicians playing music that makes you feel good.
Current Releases:

Artist:                          Album Title:          Available at:
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Jon Bare                       Orcastra                    CD's:, Amazon, etc.

Jon Bare                       Shredzilla                 CD's:, Amazon, etc.

Jon Bare                       Killer Whales            CD's:, Amazon, etc.

Hula Monsters               Party Platter              CD's:, Amazon, etc.

Jon Bare                       Follow Your Heart     Cassettes: $10.00+$2.00 shipping

Jon Bare                       Moonman                 Cassettes: $10.00+$2.00 shipping

Techno Dudes               Illegal Characters      Cassettes: $10.00+$2.00 shipping
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