Hula Monsters
-- Party Platter Reviews --
Here’s what people are saying about the CD:

“Bizarrely intriguing... Truly unique.”  --  The Beach Reporter  --  April 1996

“Jon Bare and Hank ‘The Hula’ Mann are by far the best hula-swing-rock musicians in L.A.  Well, okay, they’re the only hula-swing-rock musicians in L.A., but if there were any others, they wouldn’t rock nearly as hard as these two.  Rest assured that Bare and Mann put together a well-crafted album of seriously fun tunes.”  --  Electronic Musician   --  May 1996

“A sound that screams PARTY MUSIC!  Is this a blues album?  Well, no, but it is
damn fun.  Highly recommended.”  --  Southland Blues Magazine  --  October 1995

“This is good time blues at its best.  If you want to break the ice at a party, this is the CD for you.  Reminiscent of the ‘40s swing of the Southwest, this album will surely put a smile on everyone’s face.  Great fun combined with style make this CD a must for any lover of steel and slide guitar.”  --  Cash Box  --  March 1996

“Sensuous slide-a-mania of tracks.”  --  L.A. Jazz Scene Magazine  --  April 1996

“HULA MONSTERS is like no other band on earth (yet).  If you’re a fan of steel guitar, then you’re going to like every song on this album.  This is in-your-face steel guitar for the nineties!”  --  Steel Guitar World Magazine  --  May 1996

“This band is doing what no other band is doing -- or could attempt to do.  Forget everything you think you know about steel guitar because Hank re-writes the book.  This band is definitely on the move.”  --  University Reporter  --  May 1996

“These guys are tight, well rehearsed and confident enough to play around on stage.  Their flawless ability to move smoothly from one genre to another is underscored by their exceptional version of the country classic, “Six Pack To Go.”  This is truly a band that shines onstage.  Both Mann and Bare are born entertainers who work the audience with their infectious high-energy fun.  There is no one else doing what the Hula Monsters are doing.”  --  Music Connection Magazine (review of live show at Jack’s Sugar Shack) --  March 1996

“Hank Mann sings like he has been drinking whiskey and smoking TNT.  And to top it off, he’s also one helluva steel guitar player.  Jon Bare provides great support on rhythm and lead guitar.  This odd mix of Memphis and Oahu should make anyone stop and listen.”  --  Music Connection Magazine (CD review)  --  November 1995

“Lookin’ for some great, upbeat tunes for cruzin’ down the highway or hanging out by the pool?  Here’s your answer.  This album is tons of fun.  A good time from a talented bunch of musicians.  Get it.”  --  The Beach News  --  July 1995

“The Hula Monsters more than live up to their name.”  --  DRUM! Magazine  --  July 1995