Jon Bare & the Killer Whales
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Here's what people are saying:

     “Jon Bare is a local guitarist with a lot of skill and fire. Bare has a very sure hand with the guitar showing off some fast moves, but never losing sight of the thread of the music.  This is a very good disc and deserves a place in anyone’s collection who likes and appreciates the electric guitar sound. Bare is the real deal, and that’s a fact.” -- Jon Pepper, Southland Blues Magazine

     “Jon Bare is hands down one of my favorite guitarists. He's a ‘soul’ player of the highest order.”  --  James LoMenzo - Bassist for Zakk Wylde, White Lion, David Lee Roth, Slash's Snakepit, Ace Frehly and Jon Bare and the Killer Whales

     “I've witnessed incredible growth in this guitarist's work over the years. Valuable and articulate for what he does not play as much as for what he does... it is incomprehensible to me that he is not touring with a major act. It's their loss. A very talented blend of musicianship, songwriting and engineering abilities.”  --  Andrew Lagomarsino, Owner - Talent West Talent Agency

     “Jon Bare creates a timeless and unique style of music that pleases the ear and never gets old.”  -- Jean-Paul of Jean-Paul's Things to Hear on WKRP.FM