Jon Bare & the Killer Whales
-- Orcastra Reviews --

Jon Bare is the Orcastra leader, and the Killer Whales are the wave that he rides upon. Together they make some of the finest produced rock-blues-pop that you will ever hear.

Jon is a mulit-talented music man; he plays the guitar, piano, sings, and produces, amongst other things. On the CD “Orcastra”-Bare and his Killer Whales offer the listener a multi faceted musical trip. With a combination of rock, blues, psychedelic, pop, and just about any other genre you could possibly think of, this bands cooks right along, effortlessly pumping out song after song. Each tune is a different blend of all of the above.

If you were looking for this CD in a music store, you would have to find it in a section called eclectic. I feel that Bare is being overlooked; he is no doubt one of the most talented people in music. It’s time for people to stop, look, and listen.

Just like the previous release “Shredzilla”, this CD is a real good time. When you are out for a drive with the top down, or in the backyard flippin’ burgers on the barbecue, you will want this music playing. Summer is approaching, and Jon Bare knows when to release his music. Timing is everything in life.

I instantly knew that I was in for a hell of a good time after I heard the first few notes of the rocker “Snakey.” I was off and running in no time. Also, songs like “Get Funky” will have you dancing and prancing around without a care in the world.

This is a very consistent recording, both musically and in the production department. Great music doesn’t sound great unless its engineered and produced properly. Trust me, they have it covered. Once again Bare and his band prove that they can go above and beyond the standard every day release. The bottom line is…this CD has it all.

I really have a special place in my heart for groups like this.

Stop by Jon’s website and order this CD now. It’s the time of the season to Rock!

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
April 21, 2001

     “Jon Bare's recordings sound every bit as good as those made at major studios.
Jon has always delivered quality music to the show and we've played his numerous
projects on Local Licks for quite a few years. Orcastra (his latest CD) shows us yet
another side of The Killer Whales... horns. It's cool.”  -- Bill Hartew, Producer - KLOS
Local Licks Show, KLOS 95.5 FM Los Angeles