Killer Whales is the first commercial release by guitarist Jon Bare. It was recorded virtually live in the studio, combining the raw experimental spirit of the 60ís with a 90ís state-of-the-art cutting edge.  Killer Whales is an album recorded by:

         Jon Bare: Guitar, vocals, producer
         Chet McCracken: Drums and percussion
         Tim Bogert: Bass

This album captures all of the spontaneity and excitement of the power-trio's live performance.  Jon Bare, one of the hottest new guitarists on the L.A. music scene, is the central creative force behind the album. Tim Bogert was a part of the 60ís group Vanilla Fudge, and has played with Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart. Chet McCracken, best-known as the drummer for the Doobie Brothers, is also a well-known percussion expert.

Jon Bareís follow-up albums, Shredzilla and Orcastra, are currently in stores and receiving widespread commercial radio airplay.
  1    Be Young  (2:40)
  2    I Got The Blues  (2:34)
  3    Who Do I Have (To Sleep With) (3:40)
  4    Spacey  (3:14)
  5    Nine Million Numbers  (3:03)
  6    Mama Don't Allow  (3:36)
  7    The Killer Whales  (4:48)
  8    Don't Let The Sun Pass You By  (5:20)
  9    I'll Give You More  (3:42)
10    Revenge Of The Killer Whales  (5:22)
"Bare is the real deal, and thatís a fact.Ē  --  Jon Pepper, Southland Blues Magazine