Jon Bare & the Killer Whales
painting by Gail Hodin

  1    SNAKEY   (2:52)
  2    THING ABOUT LOVE   (3:02)
  3    BONE APPETITE   (3:49)
  4    BE MY SOMEONE   (3:46)
  5    MO’ MONEY   (3:08)
  6    I DRUNK TOO MUCH   (3:02)
  7    REALLY SCARIN’ ME   (2:40)
  8    MONSTERS   (3:52)  
  9    CRYIN’ TIME   (3:36)  
10    GET FUNKY   (4:58)  
11    GOT NO HOME   (5:07)
 Fast-paced, blues-based, in-your-face rock’n’roll
 The hit single -- a pop anthem for lovers
 Polite hard rock about a girl Friday and food
 Sensual rock sitar and backwards guitar solos
 A song everyone can relate to, of Latin bistro flavor
 Slammin’ rock with hooky solos about DUI
  The dark side of passion in splintered rock
   The haunting highs and lows of childhood memories
 Rainforest depletion revisited -- new age goes jungle
   Fully Orcastrated instrumental in E
  Melodic ballad with an uplifting groove
Jon Bare: Guitar, piano, vocals, conductor
Chet McCracken: Drums
James LoMenzo: Bass guitar
Christopher Pellani: Percussion
Bill Talbot: Noisy Toys
Grant Saidiner: B3
Joe Newnam: Sitar
Austin Wrinkle: Tabla
Larry Williams: Trumpet & horn arrangements
Zane Musa: Saxophone
Tim Keehn: Trombone
Holly French: Background vocals
painting by Gail Hodin

"Some of the finest produced rock-blues-pop that you will ever hear."  --  Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck